Free Betting Calculator Tools

All gamblers want to maximise their betting returns, and working out just how much you could win from your chosen wager or whether you’ll actually make a profit on your complex bet can be quite difficult to do. One of the best and easiest ways to calculate your profit and stake is to use a free betting calculator tool.

There are many different betting calculators online, available in web based and mobile app versions for use at home or on the go. Some are better than others, and while some are quite simple and basic, others are a lot more sophisticated, comprising all of the different popular bet types and even some more unusual ones for a more comprehensive calculation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Betting Calculator?

Of course, the primary benefit of using a betting calculator is being able to work out accurately just how much return you could get on a winning bet, however it can also be used for other purposes too. For example, a betting calculator can be used before placing a wager in order to compare at a glance how your return could be affected by the various outcomes for every selection.

Which Are The Best Free Online Betting Calculator Tools?

Probably the most comprehensive free betting calculator tool is The Free Bet Calculator which is the most advanced betting calculator available on the internet. All of the top bet types are covered and even unusual options can be checked here. Consolations and configurable bonuses can be applied to wagers and this enables users to calculate their full expected returns. Even large accumulators of as many as 20 selections can be entered and each way bets, joint favourites and dead heats are also fully supported. Oddschecker is another excellent betting calculator tool which offers comprehensive results and which is very easy to use. Covering each way bets and all of the most common betting options, this user friendly calculator makes it a breeze to calculate your returns. YourFreeBet is another high quality option which offers a very extensive range of bets to choose from and offers extremely detailed results, however, on the other hand, if you are looking for an extremely basic betting calculator that meets the needs of complete beginners who want a user friendly option, the Pinnacle betting calculator is extremely simple to understand, calculating only the basic payout for any single bet for the given odds.